Admin once you’re in Ireland

Admin once you have moved to Ireland - Immigration information for South Africans moving, immigrating, visiting or working in the Republic of Ireland

Admin once you have moved:

The things you may need to do once you are in Ireland

   #MapMyMove- Our coaching Service - confused or lost and need some direction? 

And quote of the year goes to Tiffany S "the truth is that there is a lot to deal with and get through, you have to be on your A-game from start to finish. An international move isn't just about what you need to ENTER the country, it's what you need to REMAIN, and this is where the trees start piling up for paper"

Setting up Home - From how to find a house, how to avoid housing scams, what is the housing crisis, how to find a home that accepts pets, the RTB and who they are and what they do, how to buy a home, BER ratings, setting up utlity bills, how to use a boiler, gas/ electric/ oil/ solar, pre-pay vs bills, waste removal, getting TV set up, TV licence, Internet and Mobile phones, insurances, and why are utility bills so important

Employment - A few articles on CV writing,  how to find work, getting employed and all things related to employment like, tax, pensions, USC, labour laws etc

PPS number - What is a PPS number and how and when can I apply for one?

Driving in Ireland and everything related to it - Owning a car, exchanging licence, Motor tax,  NCT, Car seats, Learner's licence, License codes and categories, Penalty points, Road Rules and Car Insurance

Banking in Ireland - Everything relating to Banking in Ireland

Public Transport - Buses, Trains and Taxis in Ireland

Children in Ireland (& Education) - Everything to do with rearing children and education: Several articles about Children, schooling, home schooling, the costs of children, special needs children, tertiary education, types of schools, ECCE, childcare, child benefit etc

Medical in Ireland - Medical in Ireland, how it works, where to get assistance, Maternity and Private medical

Starting a Business in Ireland - The ins and outs of starting a business in Ireland: Which stamps have persmission to run a business in Ireland, South African Passport holders and business, EU/Irish/British & Stamp4, Stamp4EUFam, Stamp5, and business, Food businesses in Ireland

Family Reunification Document -  Extended family members of Irish and Work permit holders, we have gone through this 71 page document page by page with a breakdown and information. For Eu passport holders and British passport holders your family reunification is held under a different set of rules. (See Information by your passport type)

Animals and Plants - Read blogs from people who have brought pets and "pet plants" into Ireland in the blogs section. What do you need to know about owning a pet in Ireland.

Habitual Residence, Means Testing, Benefits, Permanent residency and Naturalisation - What is Habitual Residence, Means Testing, Benefits, Permanent residency and Naturalisation



Important links:


   Admin Before the Move - What needs doing before you leave South Africa

   Contacts and Big Big Links - Department contact numbers and emails, and a full list of resources to assist you in your move

Please note during Covid-19, a 14 day quarantine applies when you arrive in Ireland. Please see this link for VITAL info:   Covid-19 updates


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