Habitual Residence, Means Testing, Benefits, Permanent residency, Naturalisation, Wills, Death, Guardianship and Residency

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Things that affect your long-term stay in Ireland:


   Habitual Residence - The Basics: What is Habitual Residence


   Child Benefit, HRC1 form and Operational Guidelines on Habitual Residence

- Looking deeper at Habitual Residence,

Social Welfare as a whole,

Means Tested Social welfare (how that works and how it could affect naturalisation),

Child Benefit and HRC1 form

   Change in circumstances (all passport types) - If the Sponsor should leave Ireland, if the sponsor should pass away or if the sponsor and their spouse or De facto partner should separate or divorce


   Wills, Death, Guardianship and Residency of remaining members after death of the sponsor - A basic review of how to prepare for the possibility of death of the Sponsoring person



Remaining in Ireland (permanent residence) and becoming an Irish Citizen by Naturalisation


   Permanent Residence and Naturalisation - How this works and how to prepare yourself from day 1 for five years time (or 3 years if irish spouse)


    Retention of SA citizenship - A basic review of your South African citizenship and retaining it if you choose to



Irish Citizenship by Ancestry


  Irish Citizenship (Foreign Birth Registration FBR) - The basics


   Getting prepared for your Foreign Birth registration (FBR)


   FBR application if you are pregnant (Blog)



  #MapMyMove- Our coaching Services - Confused or lost and need some direction, book a session with us to help untangle the confusion and work out your route of immigration



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