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Admin before the move menu, Immigration information for South Africans moving, immigrating, visiting or working in the Republic of Ireland

Admin before the move:

The things you may want to consider or do BEFORE

moving from South Africa to the Republic of Ireland

   #MapMyMove- Our coaching Service - confused or lost and need some direction? 

And quote of the year goes to Tiffany S "the truth is that there is a lot to deal with and get through, you have to be on your A-game from start to finish. An international move isn't just about what you need to ENTER the country, it's what you need to REMAIN, and this is where the trees start piling up for paper"



Visiting Ireland - As South African, what documents do I need to enter Ireland on holiday, business trip, conference or job interview?

Letter of Invitation - For family joining you later in Ireland/ Coming on Holiday/ Job Interview

Entry in to Ireland - To enter in to Ireland, what documents do I need and how does it work?

Flights from South Africa to Ireland - Airlines and routes from South Africa to Ireland, Baggage and allowances

Documents for Ireland - A list of recommended documents to arrange before leaving South Africa

Paperwork at your fingertips - Links to forms needed in Ireland, that you may want to review whilst still in South Africa

Checklist of things to do before you move - We have produced a unique checklist of things to make sure you have done before leaving South Africa

Summary of the EU Directive (EU Treaty) - For EU Treaty members, a summary of the Directive highlighting the important parts, this is often needed on leaving SA airports where they may ask for a visa

Home Affairs Documents - Home Affairs documents and what is the difference between Abridged/Unabridged/Full and Vault?

Home Affairs Agents and Contacts - A list of contacts and agents who deal with Home Affairs documents

South African Passport renewals in SA and Ireland - Vital information about passport renewals

Police Clearance, Tax Clearance and Driver's licence letter of Entitlement - Must have, good to have or don't bother?

Budgets - How to look at Budgeting your new life in Ireland

De Facto (unmarried) Partners and Proofs required - If you are an Unmarried couple, what documents to prepare for your move

Employment - A few articles on CV writing,  how to find work, getting employed and all things related to employment like, tax, pensions, USC, labour laws etc

Retention of SA citizenship - A basic review of your South African citizenship and retaining it if you choose to

What should I or can I bring with me to Ireland? (and sending goods back to SA) - A guide on shipping goods to Ireland and what you should brin gor leave, and on Customs when you fly into Ireland and what you can or can't bring with you


Important links:


   Admin once you're in Ireland - The next step in the process

   Contacts and Big Big Links - Department contact numbers and emails, and a full list of resources to assist you in your move


Please note during Covid-19, a 14 day quarantine applies when you arrive in Ireland. Please see this link for VITAL info:   Covid-19 updates


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