Setting up Home

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1) Getting a place to call home


So, you've booked flights and want to have a place to land and put your head down after a long flight. You may be lucky and have friends and family who will carry you for a few weeks.

If you do not have friends or family to stay with, you will need to book into either a hostel, hotel or self-catering of some description. Having seen and experienced thousands of peoples moves to Ireland, it is rare, very very rare, to move straight into a rental from SA, and this comes with a great big warning in terms of finding a home- horrid word SCAMS.

In the Housing crisis as it currently stands, there are on average around 700-800 homes on Daft, of all sizes, covering a population of 5 million people.

You cannot under-estimate the costs, the hard-work and dedication needed in this process at all!


   Finding a home: Renting - A Deeper look at how to get a rental and what this involves, Rental and Pet CV templates


   Finding a home: Buying property and building - A Deeper look at how to buy a house in Ireland and what this involves

2)  Additional reading on the topics related to getting a home


   Areas- What the Saffas say about where they live - Comments from our Facebook page on what towns, cities, villages and counties are like


   Rentals and How to find one from an ex Agent in Ireland


   Housing crisis in Ireland, what is this about?


   How we decided where to live - Tips and tools to investigate what it's like in the various areas of Ireland


     What is the climate/weather like around the different parts of Ireland?




3 ) Setting up your home


   Utility Bills: Proof of Address, Pre-pay bills vs monthly, Types of heating and power and setting them up, Refuse collection, TV, Internet & Mobiles

We have broken this into a series of articles:


1. Proof of Address

     1a. How to manage my Utility bills and what company to use

     1b. Price plans (bill pay versus pay as you go) and all-inclusive rental properties

     1c. Utility Bills and potential Security Deposits (EUR300)


2. Heating and Power

     2a. Solar

     2b. Gas

     2c. Electricity

     2d. Oil

     2e.Solid fuels

     2f. So how does all of this work?


3. Waste Removal


4. TV Licence


5. Internet, home phone, mobile phone, and TV

    5a. Internet

        5a.i. Internet: Fibre and ADSL

        5a. ii. Internet: Wireless Broadband and Satellite Mobile

        5a. iii. Internet: Mobile Phone Internet/ Cell signal

    5b. TV packages

    5c. Mobile Phones

    5d. Suppliers of Internet, Tv and Mobile phone


6. Water in Ireland


7. Home Contents and/or Buildings Insurance


8. Gardening, Household and Cleaning/Upkeep expenses


  #MapMyMove- Our coaching Services - Confused or lost and need some direction, book a session with us to help untangle the confusion and work out your route of immigration




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