Patrick Curtin Certified Recovery Coach

Take a walk with Patrick out of the darkness of trauma, bereavement and loss....into the light of recovery
Patrick Curtin Certified Recovery Coach
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My name is Patrick Curtin I am 66 years old grew up and schooled in Durban South Africa. I take life very seriously...especially my sense of humour. A loving touch, the spark coming into someones eyes, and a deep belly chuckle. important.


I studied fine art and went on to be a landscaper as my primary occupation for 39 years. Married with two daughters we lived in Johannesburg moved to the Cape in 95'. Currently living in Kells since December 2022.


I studied counseling at South African College of Applied Psychology ( SACAP) in Cape town specializing in conflict resolution trauma, bereavement and loss.


I am also a UACT certified Recovery Coach focussing on alignment of values and goals and finding meaning in life purpose.


In 2012 I joined the Hout bay SAPS Victim Support Unit where I was coordinator for 2 years. We worked trauma and auxhilary social work cases of all kinds for the people of Hout bay , Hangberg and Inzamu Yetho ( Mandela park).


I worked for Community Cohesion npo doing auxiliary social work trauma and addiction counseling.


As you can see my speciality is working with trauma and recovery and bereavement and loss.




The fist session is to get an understanding of what is being addressed and how i work time structure etc. The goal is also getting to know each other to inspire comfort in working through uncomfortable issues in the main.


Usually 5 or 8 sessions suffice in finding direction and safety. This to be agreed upon with a minimum of 3 sessions of 45 minutes though I am pretty flexible session time wise if necessary and appropriate.


My rates are on a sliding scale €60.00 first session as it usually takes a fair bit longer up to 2hrs thereafter €50.00 / session for next 4 sessions totalling 5 sessions.

or €45.00 for 7 sessions to total 8 sessions


I support working with the 'family systemic' where relevant.


I provide a safe space in which the client can unpack their issues and support them unconditionally while collaborating towards set value related goals .


The aim is working out a mindfulness based combination of recovery, focused values and goals and a workable means to achieve them.


Working with past trauma and witnessing a person shedding the load that trauma brings is my passion.


I don't heal, I provide a space in which use of personal narrative enables a client to speak thier stuff through.




I follow the counseling code of ethics.


I find it beneficial to work on trauma which is usually behind a lot of problems experienced.


I am a good sensitive listener, I have been through a lot of 'life' myself. While letting the client do the talking I reflect back on what is discussed and question, and looking at reframing the narrative to seek how a more positive outcome can be achieved.


I assist in challenging dissonant beliefs in terms of cognitive behavior therapy. As mentioned earlier achieving a practicable set of progress related goals chosen by the client is the overall aim.


Being in recovery from alcoholism, I am also able to introduce the Steps and principles of the 12 step program as used in Alcoholics Anonymous where applicable and congruent with the client.


My belief is that where possible developing one's own spirituality one can enhance healing in a more holistic manner.


When I see that a client needs more qualified help I am bound by ethics to refer on to more qualified treatment.


I am part of a network of qualified and degreed treatment specialists. I don't believe in fixing I support.


Quality of life and authenticity within a safe framework of boundaries are the ultimate goal.


I trust this clarifies. 

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